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It was a time of 2001 -2002, when the international giants like Citibank, RBS; ICICI bank has started their operations on a large scale. The main attraction was a ATM machines /debit Card. You could able to withdraw money without prior consent of any was hit. One fine day, I was withdrawing money at ATM and a lady contacted me asking for a Credit card scheme.  I was immediately on for it and have been asked to fill the request form. At the profession box, I wrote Lawyer and she stopped me. She said if you have a land write a farmer but not as advocate because advocate, police, politician and press members are black listed form Bank rules.

It was a shock. The first prime minister of India was lawyer, who wrote our constitution was a an advocate, who fought for the country and helped for an independence was lawyer and they are blacklisted from a nationalized bank were shocking.

With the discussion with my friends, who were successfully operating their co-operative societies, have decided to start the credit societies which will priorities advocates and could emerge for a good credit bill and safeguard their rights.

Started with mere 75000/- deposit, we are now has a turnover of 25, 00,000/- and 3 Crore of deposit having 9000 account holders across. 

I feel proud that we are entering into new era of starting a core banking service in a district to help the esteemed account holders to help them and save their time. It would not been possible without the support of the all the directors and share holders which has entrusted the organization.

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